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Omniwash - Dishwashers





Omniwash is part of the IME Group. We are located near Milan, in the heart of ItalyÔ??s main industrial area. We have been designing and manufacturing our unique range of Glass & Dishwashers for over 20 years, and we successfully sell them all over the world.

Our fully automated production systems guarantee a high standard of quality and accuracy at each stage of the process. Production is staged over three sites, with a total production area of 15,000 sq.m. Each site is linked to the companyÔ??s central planning system to ensure balanced manufacture.

The stainless steel bodies are manufactured in a specialised area where modern computer controlled  machines perform the tasks of laser-cutting, folding and welding to a very high level of accuracy and consistency. These processes are strictly monitored in accordance with our comprehensive company-wide Quality Control procedures.

The heart of any warewashing machine is the wash pump. Here at Omniwash we only use IME pumps, manufactured by ourselves. This range of extremely powerful wash-pumps are designed to integrate perfectly with the rest of the machine to give the best possible results. The final assembly, testing and packing operations take place in a dedicated production area.

Great importance is placed on the final wet testing of each individual machine which is done in a computerised test bay.

The appliances progress to the packing area only when the computer printout confirms compliance with the Electrical Standards of the country of sale and after a member of the technical department has confirmed that the machines comply with the customer specification.

We attribute particular importance to these detailed procedures as 80% of our production is exported throughout Europe, to the United States and many other overseas markets.

Omniwash offers you glass & dishwashers to suit all your needs. Our range includes under-counter and pass-through machines, with round or square baskets, side or top control panels. All our designs are based on ease of use and the component strength needed for long service life.

We presently employ around 100 people, all carefully recruited and trained over many years. This gives us a normal capacity of 20,000 units per year. Still, our modern manufacturing plant and integrated computer systems give us the option of increasing this by as much as 50% for special orders.

Omniwash - Expertise and Experience in Commercial Glass and Dish Washing.

The IME Group contains the following class-leading companies:

Ô?ó OMNIWASH - An international leader in commercial warewashing

Ô?ó MESS - A leader in precision mechanics.

Ô?ó COMINOX - On the cutting edge in the field of sterilization and autoclaves.

Ô?ó IME SINTERIZZATI - A specialized producer of sintered metal components.



skinuti odavde:



The CE mark is the European symbol of conformity and indicates that the product in question complies with all relevant E.U. safety legislation, such as Regulations Directives

WRAS - Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is the UK Water Industry's approval scheme. Products approved by the scheme are accepted as complying with the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and amendments.

WRc-NSF is the only laboratory in the UK that carries out Water Regulations Testing for material and mechanical requirements.

Kiwa is a National Certification Company specialising in the certification of water-using products. It is based in Holland and is accredited by the equivalent bodies in several other European countries. Kiwa is able to issue Conformity Certificates for products that comply with the various European regulations or with the UK Regulator Specifications. Kiwa Quality Services have been issuing approvals for compliance with these Regulations since 2001.

UL is a body concerned with all aspects of product and component safety, particularly electrical safety, and including all relevant aspects of the installation of such equipment. UL originated in the USA, and the majority of its operations are still in the North American market, where it is the most widely recognised certification body. It issues its own UL Standards for a wide range of electrical products and components, and offers inspection and testing facilities leading to the issue of UL Certification for accepted products. It also offers similar services to leading to Certificates of Compliance to other Standards such as the ISO range of safety Standards.

NSF International is a Health and Safety Not-for-Profit Company which specialises in the specification and issue of Standards relating to all aspects of Public Health and Hygiene. It also inspects and certifies compliance of equipment of all types and even complete public water treatment and supply systems. Based in USA, it now operates in many countries around the world.

Gost Certificate of conformity is a Russian Certification confirming the quality of the goods supplied and their compliance with the contractual terms.




Ô?ó We design our appliances and our production methods so as to minimise

  the use of energy and maximise the recycling of materials.

Ô?ó We are certified to UNI EN ISO 14001 and therefore our processes have a minimum impact

  on the environment, produce minimum acoustic pollution and use the minimum amount of energy.

Ô?ó Omniwash operates a professional materials management scheme which does not allow the use

  of any environmentally detrimental materials.

Ô?ó We recommend that our machines are always operated when fully loaded to minimise the use of energy, chemicals and water - Because water is precious and energy expensive!

Ô?ó We recommend the use of professional quality detergents at the correct dosage as determined

  by the local water and soil conditions.

Ô?ó Our product packaging is carefully designed to minimise environmental impact.

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